Peace of Mind

Continue your tech support after a month with a Peace of Mind subscription.

Don’t let a bump in the road grind your business to a halt

Everyone knows that things can’t run 100% smoothly when there’s computers involved. Every website I produce is tested to ensure the utmost stability, but it’s impossible to account for everything. I know that most bumps in the road come at the start of a website’s life, which is why you get a month’s free Peace of Mind after your website’s launch. After that, it’s just £20/month for continued tech support.

What’s included

Continued support

Need help doing something? With Peace of Mind you will be able to ask questions, get information and more directly from myself, rather than having to keep referring to your manual.


All-week support

I’ll always be available seven days a week and your messages will be replied to within 24 hours, guaranteed. This excludes pre-determined periods, like holidays, which you’ll be told about ahead of time.

Great value

Peace of Mind subscriptions don’t just let you rest easy, they also help you save money by avoiding the one-time support fees customers without the subscription have to pay.

1 month free with every site

then just £20/month

Fair and transparent pricing policy for everyone

You won’t be asked to pay a month’s fee if I will be away and unable to help for more than 16 consecutive days. For the vast majority of customers, Peace of Mind is better value than paying a fee each time you require support.

How to sign up

Peace of Mind is available to all clients served by George Bishop Design. Once the job finishes, you’ll get a month’s free Peace of Mind. After that, if you are interested, you’ll be led through the signup process.

Support without a Peace of Mind subscription

You won’t be left in the dark without Peace of Mind. When you need help, you will be asked to pay a Support Fee for each inquiry, which changes depending on the scope and nature of the issue. With each issue I assess the root cause of the problem. If the case is that an error by myself has caused a problem, you will not be charged. Bare in mind that Peace of Mind customers take priority and without a subscription you do not receive perks such as the 24-hour reply window.