Channel Bakers

Designing a website to impress and generate leads

I had to design and buildĀ a new website for the US brand growth firm Channel Bakers, which needed to include information about their different services whilst pushing potential clients to get in touch.

Channel Bakers is a US-based firm which helps American brands grow and maintain their e-commerce presence across platforms like Amazon. Despite already working with plenty of big names at home and internationally, they’re always looking to grow, and approached me to rebuild their website.

We decided to centre the site around three core pages: Amazon, e-Commerce, and an About page. The site is designed to effectively communicate everything they can do, why a brand needs it, and communicate the core values and people behind the company in three essential pages (four if you include the homepage).

The site is designed to be a living and breathing site, changing as the skillset of the team changes to provide new services, as well as being able to dynamically grow as the team does. The team at Channel Bakers in California are able to easily get into the site to make any changes they want to through an easy and intuitive back-end interface.

The result is a new professional online presence for Channel Bakers, putting them on a more equal footing with their competitors and showing potential clients that they mean business. However, the fun and playful side of the brand is maintained through a (growing) set of bespoke illustrations, using colour and simple graphics to convey messages playfully to clients.

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