Faye Riches Yoga

A website for the Colchester-based yoga and pilates instructor.

Faye Riches teaches yoga, pilates and Thai yoga massage to the people of Colchester and the surrounding area – and that’s just the beginning. As the leader of Our Yoga Tribe, Faye has trained almost 20 people to go on to become yoga instructors and inspired countless more to get into wellness. She needed a new website so that the world knows about everything she can do.

Faye came to me towards the end of the summer looking for a new website for her practice which will showcase not only the three disciplines she can teach, but her other skills like training new instructors, as well as her other venture, Our Yoga Tribe. The project started by looking at a few design directions before Faye settled on a very minimal, pared-back design where we allow images and text to do the talking.

Dozens of pages had to be built, from information pages to a blog and even a page to allow customers to book by tying in with an external booking system. All of the pages share a common layout and design language, creating a website that is easy for everyone to use and find information on, as well as book a class. The end result is an elegant website that does everything it needs to, but looks good whilst it does so.

“Collaborating with George on the Faye Yoga project was a great experience – he was able to accommodate everything we requested in terms of design and functionality, and understood exactly how we wanted the images and words to make a specific impact. He also demonstrated outstanding patience when we changed the brief, wanted to try new things, and asked for the almost impossible.”

Kerry McCarthy, part of the Faye Riches Yoga project

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