Vaughan & Blyth

Bringing a brand that’s not changed for 60 years into the 21st century.

Vaughan & Blyth are a property development firm in Essex with over 65 years of experience, but their brand hadn’t changed since they launched. With no website and no real identity, it was time for a change. They brought me in to rebrand them and build a website, bringing their company into the 21st century.

Vaughan & Blyth Ltd are a property development firm based in Colchester, Essex who have been serving the people of Colchester and the surrounding area since 1949. The company has been passed down from generation to generation by the founders, which whilst helping maintain the company’s reputation in the area, led to some more traditional ideals being held onto for longer than they probably should have!

Vaughan & Blyth approached me in Autumn 2017 to commission a website for their brand – their first online presence ever. The website has to not only provide a current list of all of their projects, but provide a way for them to show off what they have done in the past to attract new clients and convince existing clients to continue working with them.

What was originally a website build was quickly changed into a comprehensive rebrand by the company. I single-handedly led this rebranding process, starting with an audit of the surfaces and materials that will need to be updated. We went through a process of brand development, throwing out lots of ideas, until finally settling on the new brand, led by a bold, dynamic “&” symbol.

We kept hold of the brand’s green colour palette to keep recognition up around town, but changed it slightly to work better in a digital landscape. The brand is designed to change to adapt to its surroundings uniquely, with the “&” symbol being able to be cropped in all sorts of ways to create interesting brand expressions.

Logo explorations that were ultimately never used.

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