Deborah Beads

Combining three websites into one for a new way of doing things.

We had to design and build one website in which content and products from three websites can be collated into one universal online shop, as well as providing information about the shop, events, and other online services.

The main challenge of this project was the sheer size and scale of the task at hand. Deborah Beads had accumulated a catalogue of almost 4,000 products across three websites, which were all running different platforms. The first major challenge was finding a way to export product lists from each platform and bringing them all together in one central database whilst leaving all the data we needed intact – we did find a solution and were able to reassemble the product catalogue on one central website, the new Deborah Beads website.

In order to achieve the look we wanted for the website, I had to dust off the camera and get to Deborah Beads in Colchester to take the photos we needed. Whilst the brief of images of ‘beads falling from above’ sounds simple enough, it was only after an eight hour photography session that we were able to get the result we needed. The project required versatility and resilience from start to finish.

Multiple roadblocks and technical problems reared their ugly heads throughout development, but once again, with each one we bounced back stronger. The project involved creating hundreds of assets for product category images, building new pages to inform customers about the new shopping experience (previously, the catalogue was spread across three separate brands) and even creating the infrastructure needed to support a subscription system, the first of its kind in the beading world in the UK.

The end result is a beautiful website which has received universal praise from Deborah’s customer base. The site’s usability was tested and has been appreciated by the customers, who previously had to put up with a sub-par experience to shop. As a result, the business has already seen a significant increase in turnover and profit, once again showing the power of good web design.

“After George rebuilt our website we saw incredible increases in our sales and they’re showing no signs of stopping. He was professional at every step – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!”

Deborah, owner

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