A redesigned website and brand for the US-based savings community. is an American community website revolving around deals and coupons posted by its users and reviews of products. I was tasked with redesigning the website and brand to reflect the new “Real deals from real people” brand message. With this came a set of new illustrations, showing the site’s mascot and his friends on their daily adventures.

The major challenge with this redesign of was finding a way to completely change the way that the brand is presented whilst staying true to the playful and distinct nature of the PriceBreaks brand as it passes its first birthday. The main objective of the new design was to eliminate the user experience issues with the old website, producing a much more user-friendly website and, as a result, getting people more engaged in the site and what it has to offer.

It immediately became clear that the best way to approach this mammoth problem was to completely start again, so we did. I completely stripped away the old brand and built a bespoke solution from scratch, creating a unique visual language named the PriceBreaks Design Language which is consistent across all platforms.

Around the website, real-life photographs of the products PriceBreaks’ users know and love are complimented by fun illustrations of the new characters that live in the website. Peebie and his friends pop up on almost every page with dozens of unique illustrations appropriate for all users. As time goes on, this bank of illustrations will grow ever larger, creating a lively set of characters who change and adapt to the time of year, user, and current promotions on the site, adding some delight to the site for everyone.

Over one hundred templates had to be edited and built from scratch to ensure the perfect experience for users doing everything from finding a deal on a television to sending a private message to one of their friends.

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